Tropical Hawaiian Party

Why I don't leave me alone?
I have all the stars looking down at me.
They can shadow me if you wouldn't,
And they would tell me the truth.
Why fall in love,
When no one is watching?
There is little that your mind drifts,
And it is then that the sun shines.
You sit down,
You are alone.
Else for your breath,
Lost in the faraway world,
On the ubiquitous search,
Haven't you seen enough already?
That you go about telling someone else?
You know this,
You are not a tropical Hawaiian party,
Where you can drink and fall in love all day long,
Without you friends and without being alone.

3 thoughts on “Tropical Hawaiian Party

  1. “Why fall in love,
    When no one is watching?”
    If I didn’t know your entire persona, this was borderline brilliant. It’s a second-hand I Just Feel so very Happy. I think that happiness and tropics topics suit you. You’re not ready for sadness.

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  2. I have got no words to say,
    But thank you for stopping by.
    Yeah I am young and I am free, so happiness and tropics, dances and lights, all the colorful topics…….
    Maybe I am to wait until I can make my writing all blue.

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