Cruel World

If you know Watt, you know he has had better pieces. I wish him best of luck! And a Happpy Birthday.

Celluloid Trances

back, it seemed surreal that he had lost everything in a state of mind. People
always leave, they live like they’re leaving, and if he can’t do it, then they
do it better. He stretched his arms into the secrets of eternity, and in the
unreasonable, uncomfortable standstill confessed to himself what he had known
all along – he was alone.

was always alone. Forever.

Come nightfall, he pleaded, and drape him in hues of gloom, in the darkening sky, while the clouds twitched with mistakes. The jersey shirt he wore expanded as a royal umbrella for his shoes as he put his hands above his head, its white expanse wet with rain, and his chest cold, no dry eye either, it was just one drop of rain over another on his sighing skin. Radio waves grizzled in the air, and his hands dropped down and gripped the…

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9 thoughts on “Cruel World

  1. His hands dropped down and gripped the Lost memory of a premis and the promise made to him from past lives so long ago. Then as the reality of it drew nigh he knew for sure with the one step he would no longer be lost forever in the sea of nothingness, but now welcomed back for eternity in the Kingdom of his Father.
    We are the Prodigals. We are the Kingdom of the Beloved son,


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