Tunes we sing along

It's my song, it's my melody,
The tunes that binds us all in endless shades of turquoise grace,
Like birds in an iron cage,
Whimpering to be let free,
When they know they are content deep inside.
I could be with a person,
Or rather become a person,
But is life all beauty and glee?

I'd say not with a broken heart.
I'd say not with a little bit of melancholy,
I have seen through losing and breaking down,
And regaining my love and my fury.
I was the man who stood beside,
When the starry nights were passing by,
When not a single star shone for you,
Shadowed by the pale moonlight.

I said my prayer the lonely night,
When I was haunted so much by my own thoughts,
I could stuff a million tales of agony and pain inside my head,
But those which were so much of my own.
We live and we write to be original, don't we?
But don't we end up being nakedly obscure.
I wonder, father of the hourglass,
Whose side would you take?
Times or ours?

I'm tossing and turning in my sleep,
I am looking forward,
I am looking back.
I am whirling myself,
And unwinding my passions,
I am putting up the curtains of my downy heart,
I'm looking up the sky,
And I get to thinking.
Is this my own version of the tune?
With the war and a restart every second?

32 thoughts on “Tunes we sing along

  1. Excess me Garvit but you have no business calling me by my real name. For you dumb information, tawde is a clap on the Thai that makes a particular sound, nor that I care nevertheless. I suggest you mind your own business, else my onslaught shall eat you black like a snake charmer’s whip.

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  2. Listen, dumb witted cheesehead your mind is like nuts and bolts. You were originated from a dirty swamp filled with filthy mud. You are an incarnation of one of the filthiest animal ever. Perhaps, I am not free like you and I just no need to fight over this….

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  3. Screw this William. I don’t have more time. You may stop now. And thanks for all those words you dirty filthy retarded mentally ill person. You beggar from a rotten street who eats garbage from the dustbin for dinner every night! I was the one who encouraged you to blog, and rather write. I gave the title of your blog, and followed people for you so they would follow you back. I even commented from your account on other posts. This much inspiration, this much hidden credit William? And you do this to me?


  4. What’s wrong with all of you today! First Garvit, now you! I did not do anything wrong. All I gave was a little request, and it is OK if you do not accept it. And I am no racist, it is just that I have way to many Indian views already, that I do not want anymore.

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