14 thoughts on “Another day gone

  1. William Johnson says:

    This is a great piece of poetry Scott!! All of us say one lie or the other. Your writing is very true and you really have the power to change this world. We all are humans and we make mistake at one point or the another in our life. I am really impressed from your work!! You are a successful author and a blogger. May you continue your blogs like this and bring smiles to our face by reading your brilliant posts!! You are walking on the right path which is paved by your intellectual skills. I enjoy your every post and I eagerly wait for your every post!! Your piece of work will one time have a influence over me, which I assure will be positive. You seriously explore into different feelings and genre of writing. You are able to write your feelings and able to express yourself in a very good manner. You sometimes write as if you feel the world is melancholic and sometimes you write like you are an optimistic person who is always exploring this world and diving deep into writing. This variation of your writing makes me very happy and proud that I have such a good friend who can write brilliantly like this. May god bless you and you have a great journey ahead in your blog!!

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  2. Thank you William. Your description of my writing is completely overwhelming! Yes, I know I can seem rather depressed in my writing sometimes, though that is the way it is. No need to write if you are not sad. Thank you once again! Have a great day!

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