Nomination for the Liebster Award by William Johnson

William Johnson, a wonderful emerging writer who promises an unimaginably great future in the obnoxious world of writing, while writing some amazing stuff at just the youthfully wild age of 12, has nominated me for the Liebster Award. You can find the link to his blog at

The Rules are:

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!!

5. Make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees.

11 facts about myself-

  1. I am one of the craziest people on earth. And you should definitely agree.
  2. I look at the world with electric eyes. My criticism is worth a try.
  3. Travelling is one of my deepest passions. I would give up anything in the world for travelling. And I can travel to almost anywhere. Some places might be better than the others, but does this matter?
  4. Talking to people is an obscurity for me. I love to do it, while not knowing how to do it a the same time. You could call me an unhealthy mixture of an introvert and an extrovert.
  5. Music is my soul. It is my sanity. It is my greatest inspiration, and my greatest pleasure.
  6. I love violence, and I love anger.
  7. My thoughts are like moving seas. They are as random as a lottery ticket, though as meaningless as an unintelligible jargon. Other than a few; and those few are the ones I pen down.
  8. Art means a lot to me. It could be music, it could be photography, it could be splash of paint on a flash of tissue paper. As long it was made by a person who is an artist at heart. And it’s not difficult to find out.
  9. I love colors. And my favorite colors are blue (all shades, especially curacao), crimson, violet and most fluorescent shades.
  10. Looks really impact me. I am much more likely to go forward and talk to a good-looking person than one who really is not (and no offence to anyone who doesn’t think he is good-looking, in reality I don’t believe I’m good looking either). Similarly, when buying a product, I’m more likely to buy the one packaged in one of my favorite colors.
  11. My biggest influences in life have been my mother, some great friends and some famous people (Lana Del Rey, Kurt Cobain and Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

William’s questions-

  1. Do you believe in aliens?
  2. Do you believe in God?
  3. What is one word you would do to describe your life?
  4. If you would have a time machine, where would you like to go?
  5. Which are your favorite countries?
  6. Favorite books?
  7. What inspires you to go on with your life?
  8. Would you rather live for 120 years? Or for just 10 years)
  9. Who is your favorite philosopher?
  10. What is your opinion on violence?
  11. Do you really believe you are a terrible and screwed up person?

My answers-

  1. I’ve never really thought about it to be honest. Though I wish they do! It would be so much fun!
  2. Yes, I definitely do. And unlike most people, I have a reason to prove myself. First, imagine a situation where you are dying. And you are alone, and sad. And you have no family, no friends remaining. Whom would you call? Whom would you pray? That’s the ultimate claim of god itself. (Though I do not believe in any particular religion. All religions mean equally to me, though I am not fond of any of the, they are way too ritualistic and speaking of stuff that does not make sense.)
  3. Beautiful
  4. I am happy where I have. Though if given a choice, I’d go into the 60s (to meet the Beat generation and see all those festivals and all those great people.)
  5. United States, Italy, Australia, and many more. Almost each country has a charm, a beauty of its own. And most of my followers would know from my post ‘Roads that I dream to travel, skies that I dream to ride’.
  6. ‘Love in the time of cholera’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, ‘Seven pillars of wisdom’ by T. E. Lawrence, ‘The bell jar’ by Sylvia Path, ‘Slaughterhouse seventy-five’ by Kurt Vonnegut, ‘And the mountains echoed’ by Khaled Hosseini and ‘Les Miserables’ by Victor Hugo
  7. A lot of stuff. Music, Books, Artworks. My family, my friends. All the lovely people who live on this pretty earth.
  8. I’d rather live for 10 years and create an impact, than spend 120 years of life bored and lonely.
  9. Beckett. There was no one better. Other than Homer, maybe.
  10. I love it!
  11. Yes, I do. And perhaps that is why I actually am.

My nominees-

  1. Short-Prose-fiction
  2. In mind and out
  3. Silent Hour
  4. Blogging_With_Bojana
  5. charliecountryboy
  6. Fall Fraust
  7. Rolandomio Travel
  8. saynotoclowns
  9. David Redpath
  10. peonycrush
  11. MichelleMarie
  12. (Though those are all the people I can nominate, I would like to thank WIlliam for aldready nominating my good friends ‘mtaggartwriter’ and ‘thelonelyauthorblog’.)

My questions for my nominees-

  1. What is one thing (an object, a word, basically anything), that you would compare life, as a whole to? And why?
  2. Why did you start blogging? And how long have you been blogging for?
  3. Do you care for travelling? Which has been your greatest travel so far?
  4. Which are you favorite countries?
  5. Biggest inspirations through life?
  6. Describe an incident that completely changed your life.
  7. What is you definition of ‘happiness’
  8. How do you judge a person?
  9. Are you satisfied with your life?
  10. What is one thing, which when you are thinking about, you think about nothing else?
  11. What are your favorite words, phrases and situations?

25 thoughts on “Nomination for the Liebster Award by William Johnson

  1. I love how you said you are a mixture of introvert and extravert and I feel the same. Its impossible to categorise who we are so we fit in boxes. It was great getting to know more of you by reading this..congrats on your award and the great questions.

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  2. Thank you for answering back, Scott. And my apologies for asking you such a question, but i was really curious on this. This is the first time i see something like this, written. It’s more common, of course, to hear people saying “i like movies with violence as part of the scenario and the action”.

    Additionally, it is very interesting that you use the verb “feel”. Take care, Scott. Thanks.

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  3. This is really interesting, Scott. (And I am also wondering about your love for violence and anger, I saw that on another of your posts. That really concerns me…also that you said you think you are a ‘terrible and screwed up person’? So my question is why? Why do you have a special relationship with violence, what does that mean? Why do you think you actually are a terrible person?)

    Also, thank you for the nomination.


  4. You are welcome!
    As per what I wrote about violence and anger, it concerned a lot of people actually. Though it was a temporary feeling that crept over me for a while, haunting my wits, and it was too much that it needed paper. Though now it is gone for good. Though otherwise, I love books and movies with violence.
    I can say the same about being a terrible person. It was something I felt for a while, and it is gone now.
    You deserved the nomination!

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  5. I know that can be, for looking at it, I never experienced something in life that could have impacted this. And of course, I always have good people around me to help with anything like this.

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