I feel like to shatter all the glass and shoot all those I see

Yes, it’s true. I can feel it rising inside me and breaking through me. I feel bewildered at such a coincidence of internal violence tearing and spanking through my upper self on the utterly crooked manner of myself. It is killing me, that obnoxious desire to break and to damage, and to fight and to plunder, with all that guns and all that bombs, and all the pretty murdering tools I find. I shall kiss them and cover them with flowers if they can remove this terribly insane itching inside me. Cause my diary and my pen isn’t being very supportive.

I would like to see before my eyes, bloodshed and the power of violence.

I would like to crack with my own hands at like 100 window panes.

I want to blunt a 100 razors, I want to fetch a thousand knives.

So I can satisfy myself without much damage to you all.


15 thoughts on “I feel like to shatter all the glass and shoot all those I see

  1. This is my own perspective to be honest. It usually isn’t but the time I was writing this I was feeling a rather strange itching for violence inside me. I don’t know if it is peculiar but I wanted fight with whoever I met and break all the glass I saw. W
    But which country are you talking about?

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  2. Sono d’accordo perché la violenza genera violenza e alla fine si resta soli.
    Dove ci giriamo oggi c’è sangue sopraffazione

    La gentilezza è la forma più alta di rivoluzione.


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  3. Hey Scott. I have gone away and thought about this alot. I think it’s really important that you seek support for these feelings. There is so much violence in the world; although I understand feeling angry, nothing excuses violence toward others. Do you feel an impulse to act on these feelings?

    Please accept what I’m saying as from a place of peace and care for you and for all people. If you feel like being violent I hope you can find the courage to let someone know who can support you to deal with these feelings without hurting anyone. I cannot emphasise this enough.


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  4. I definitely understand your point. The world is brimming in abundance with violence, bloodshed and war. Though referring to the post, it was something I was feeling on that particular day, or maybe even a time of that day, and not something every day or all the time, if you had thought so.
    I know these are negative feelings, though I do not know how to handle them. Because I really did not harm anybody other than myself maybe.

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  5. I am pleased to hear those feelings were fleeting, but if you find them difficult to manage or tolerate, then honestly I think that getting some support to help you with them is a good idea. Whether it’s from someone you know and trust or a therapist – it is good to not hold onto those things on your own.

    Blessings to you Scott.


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