Blazer Blues and Crimson Roses

Falling apart, an apathy, a sensibility, beyond dancing eliminations of sceptical heat, shivers the pretty princess, by the oceanic breeze. The creator dwells in party songs, he roams the streets of America without a doubt or a woman. Sensations and celebrities reach horizons beneath the blue eyes of the carmen with the pickup truck. He […]

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Patterned sheets

The patrons of sunshine have died. The lullabies of innocence have shifted into a minor octave. Dreary summer evening spent in the light of orange lanterns sperm across faded memories. The times have taken their turn. A circus, a psychopath and a street artist have knocked at my door. Silhouettes have danced to blind me. […]

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The Angles of Acropolis

I am on a road to the place below the sky where Zeus lives. I am on a road of clouds that reaches the sun. Eating olives and drinking the sacred wine. I am sitting in an airport, blurting out the words I so much want to say. The airport is huge. Though I’m getting […]

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Celestial Dance

The stars are shining. The moon is fading. Oh beautiful world, thine beauty a weathered old rock. The scientist’s blue eyes shining in the distance. A thought, an impulse to dance to the sultry beat of Jazz. Who a better saver than death! Screwed up and screwed down, the amplitudes of grief. Swaying low and […]

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Underwater, I saw a happiness I had never seen before A face crucified, a dream denied, A notion that fear was a true existence. I had wondered myself upon strange circumstances, Tangerines, Operas. Butterflies. Emeralds and diamonds. Tequila and wine. My soul, a godly creation, a celebration, to love and to art, a spree upon […]

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Intentionally Unarmed

I wonder why I walked, so many oceans without feeling the feeling felt unarmed. I think why I penned idiosyncrasy as my passions without uttering the gleaming truth. I shallowly abandoned the impulse not to write, just to bring in the happiness of gardens. Until it was time to start over. To abandon glory. For […]

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