Many times before

I”d be insane, that I let myself be carried over ocean currents like a lullaby in the dark, let my dignity loose to an impulse so strong, that I faded right through it to come back into something I had never understood before. Through determination, deterioration, dejection and realization as I climbed up a call […]

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Dearest sweetheart

Adorned,encircled lies the beat. You are smiling, sleepless, breathless. Your dress is silk, your blue jeans are pure velveteen. Your high heels are a monumental dream. Your green eyes glitter, so do you words and your breath, and so does the man who loved you once and for all. Those nights utter feverish words to […]

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Dictator Doubt

Eat me up if you like. Devour me like a deer. But please. It’s a humble request. Don’t haunt me astray. I’ve been a ruin and lake of fire, but my wrath isn’t enough to digest you. The chanting of charity and yielding of youth has little more to than to torment. The visions that […]

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The streetlights by the the highway

Help. I am drowning. Hide. I’m coming. Laugh. I’ve killed you aldready. Heartbeats whispering lamenting words, blueness explaining the blackness of the colored red. It’s time you reminded yourself the bridge has more cracks than stones. Had it been built in the 18th century by a dying forgotten street artist, would I have crossed it […]

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Marijuana in Ljubljana

I went about the streets of Old Town whistling song I had learnt as I child. I knew little more. I knew the pacifying heat of the Caribbean. I knew the splendor of the architecture of Ljubljana. I knew of the rustic dirt of Bombay and the crooked cold afternoons of Norway. The shadows peeping […]

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Forever without

The sky turns blue with the bitterness of love. Disease and flattery mock the senses of age. Feeling bad, feeling desperate and choleric at the expense of the sea, closing upon an d closing within to a land that shall yield the graves of truth. Poetry in it’s purest form. Women. The world has come […]

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